5 Energy-Saving Devices to Reduce Your Utility Bills

5 Energy-Saving Devices to Reduce Your Utility Bills

As we are nearing the end of 2022 and energy bills are reaching record highs, we’re all looking for ways to maximise our savings on household bills. From October, a typical household energy bill under the price guarantee rate will show a jump from £1,971/yr to £2,500/yr, an increase of 27%. While this increase does look intimidating, there are ways to cut back and make savings.

Retail sales of energy efficient devices like air fryers and heated throws have increased, as many look to replace traditional and inefficient appliances to reduce energy usage. By making your home more energy efficient you can save on your utility bills whilst benefiting the environment by lowering your carbon footprint. These simple changes can be made in every household and will form money-saving habits that will benefit you in the long run.

It may surprise you how energy-hungry some of your household devices are. .

We have compiled a list of products that could help you save on energy costs.

1. Heated Throws

As the price per unit of gas and electricity is at the highest it has ever been, putting on your central heating now comes at a higher cost for homeowners. We advise using a heated throw to keep yourself warm during colder periods. This is in line with advice from The Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis and his team who published the article Heat the human, not the home. A heated throw can cost significantly less when compared to the cost of your gas or electric central heating.

Our recommendation: Cosi Home’s Fleece Electric Heated Throw - Grey

This Cosi Home heated throw is one of the most affordable and efficient heated throws on the market. It provides fast heat up and only costs 3p per hour to run! Central heating costs double this at roughly 6p per hour for the average household, this cosy appliance can help you make savings. Crafted from a warm and soft fabric this heated throw puts your comfort first. This heated throw has nine heat settings which allow you to be as comfortable as possible whilst reducing your costs.

2. Heaters

Using a portable heater can heat a room quickly and effectively. This heating solution is cost-effective as portable heaters allow you to heat only the room you're in, not the whole house. Oil-filled radiators are a great investment as they are ideal for retaining heat over a sustained period, keeping you warmer for longer.

Our recommendation: Pro Breeze’s 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

This fully portable radiator features advanced heat circulation that accelerates the heating of your room more efficiently than traditional radiators. The oil within the radiator can retain its heat so that even after you switch it off it will continue to keep you warm.

3. Electric Blankets

Homeowners have always understood running their heating overnight is not a smart use of energy, even before the price rises in recent times. This makes electric blankets an excellent alternative to keep you warm in bed through the night The cost to run can be as low as 3p an hour, so you can stay warm whilst you sleep without having to turn to your central heating.

Our recommendation: Cosi Home’s King Size Electric Blanket

This king size electric blanket from Cosi Home will allow you to keep warm at night without having to rely on central heating, putting savings in your pocket and keeping you comfortable. This blanket has been designed for comfort, with 3 heat settings and ‘Overheat Protection’ for total peace of mind.

4. Air Fryers

Air Fryers have become one of the most popular kitchen accessories, with over 25 million sold from 2020-2021. This must-have appliance is not only great for those with a busy lifestyle as it can cook food twice as fast as conventional ovens, but also perfect for those looking to lower their energy expenses. According to a study by energy provider Utilita and high street supermarket Iceland, using an air fryer comes to less than half of the price of using a gas oven. While a gas oven costs £120.83 over a year’s use, the air fryer comes in at £52.74 to run.

Our recommendation: Pro Breeze’s 7.5L Air Fryer

This air fryer is perfect for families who are looking to reduce their energy costs without sacrificing healthy and delicious home-cooked meals. This countertop appliance is cheap to run at 50p/h and incredibly efficient with quick cook times. The recent air fryer craze is not without good reason, it makes healthy food easy and accessible by using 80% less oil than conventional cooking methods. This air fryer could not be simpler to use, with a digital display, 7 pre-set cooking modes, and an automatic stirrer.

5. Dehumidifiers

Cold seasons create multiple problems for a homeowner. Not only does drying laundry become a costly task with having to use a tumble dryer or turn on the central heating, but the cold also creates the perfect conditions for mould to grow. This is due to less ventilation and greater condensation due to the differences in indoor and outdoor temperatures. The last thing you need in this current economic climate is a mould infestation that could cause structural damage, which leads to further costs. A dehumidifier is an invaluable tool for homeowners offering multiple solutions such as reducing the risk of mould and drying laundry in a cheap and efficient way. Dehumidifiers can cost as little as 12p an hour to run, giving you confidence in your home without incurring large costs.

Our recommendation: Pro Breeze’s 20L Dehumidifier

This 20L dehumidifier can efficiently remove 20L of water per day with low energy consumption. Not only will this dehumidifier help prevent damp and mould in your home, this large-capacity dehumidifier is also an excellent alternative to your tumble dryer for drying clothes. The appliance’s dedicated laundry mode makes the drying of clothes a

breeze, allowing you to turn away from the costly tumble dryer and dry your clothes at 12p/h. If you are looking for an appliance to help dry damp laundry and prevent mould and damp, this dehumidifier is a smart investment.

The record energy prices will be a challenge for us all, so take control of your energy usage and make the switch to the appliances outlined above. We think this is the simplest way to reduce your energy consumption and create space in your budget this winter.

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